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The best way to learn English is to take part in group sessions.

This way each member of the group can help and learn from other members. For example, I often set group or team activities where the group, as a whole, or teams of 2 or 3 can work together on a set piece of work. When one member of the team or group doesn't understand a certain topic, the other members may be able to help.

Just listening to a teacher "babbling" on about a specific topic can be boring. The activities help to stop boredom becoming a problem.

All subjects, whether English, Maths, History or Science will be boring if not presented in the right way. The friendships and comradships built into group activites help learning.

It can also help when your not in the formal setting of the class. When a piece of homework is set and one student needs a little support, it can be possible to call on a friendship which has already been built within the group.

If you want to join a GROUP or you have any questions,
contact me for more details.

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