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There are several books and other such publications that I recommend for use with my courses or for alongside them. You can find links to some these below. If there is no link available then I have given as much detail as possible to help you find it elsewhere in the Internet, such as Amazon etc. I will be adding items to this list as and when I consider something of interest. Therefore, please check this page regularly to look for new additions. If anybody has difficulty in obtaining an item from the list, please contact me and I will try my best to obtain one.

Books. (Readily available from Amazon)

Title:         "An A-Z of English Grammar & Usage"
Author:     Geoffrey Leech, Benita Cruickshank, Roy Ivanic.
ISBN:       0 582 405742
                        I recommend this book for use with all my courses for adults.
                        It can be helpful for other students too but please consult me before you buy!!!!!
                       >>>>>>   Hint: Try to find a used (cheaper new) copy from Amazon Marketplace.  <<<<<<

Title:         "PONS Verbtabellen - Englisch"
Author:     ----------------.
ISBN:       3-12-560844-9
                        I recommend this book for use with all my courses.
                        It is a very helpful, quick-reference guide to approximately 80 verbs. Regular and irregular!!!!!

Title:         "PONS Grammatik auf einen Blick. Englisch "
Author:     ----------------.
ISBN:       978-3125607026
                        Very useful for all students of 10+ years.
                        A foldable, quick-reference guide to Engish Grammar. (for a wall or for in an A4 folder)

Title:         "The Thirty-Nine Steps"
Author:     John Buchan.
ISBN:       978-0140621099
                        I like to use this classic, spy book in all of my courses.
                        It is a relatively simply written spy book; quite short with an intersting story (and inexpensive).

Title:         "Holes"
Author:     Louis Sachar.
ISBN:       978-0440414803
                        This book can be used by children (10+ years) as a supplement to the course.
                        A fasniating story with a wondeful plot. This book would even interest teenagers and adults.

Title:         "Wee Sing Children's Songs and Fingerplays with CD"
Author:     Pamela Conn Beall, Susan Hagen Nipp.
ISBN:       978-0843113624
                        Recommended for children between 4 and 8. Parents could use this book and CD
                        at home. Use them to keep the children amused and help with practise.
                        Why not use the CD in the car on long boring journeys.

Title:         "A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes with CD"
Author:     Kady MacDonald Denton.
ISBN:       978-0753457108
                        Recommended for children between 4 and 8. Again, this book and CD
                        could be used at home or in the car.

Title:         "The Very Hungry Caterpillar "
Author:     Eric Carle.
ISBN:       0399213015
                        Recommended for children between 6 and 10. Great book with pictures and a funny story.
                        Try to find the larger version of this book, the pictures are better.


Below I have attached three links to magazines which I consider would be very useful supplements to my courses for teenagers and Adults. You can browse through the information on the sites and consider which, if any, you would like to subscribe to.

Spotlight Verlag

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