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What's it all about?

Have you ever wanted to learn English but were too afraid to try? Maybe you have tried in the past but without success or you didn't enjoy it. I can't promise complete success but I can promise that I will try MY BEST if you promise to try YOUR BEST. Perhaps that way you will be successful and enjoy it.

If you're a parent, you will know that children are keen to learn. You will also know that your job as a parent is much easier if the child is having fun while learning. I believe having fun while learning is important, not only for young children but for teenagers and adults alike.

Throughout my working life, I have attended many courses, whether a computer course or a business course. Quite often, I have almost fallen asleep. In most cases, the teacher has been an expert in the subject. HOWEVER, because they find their subject fascinating and they may be the worlds leading expert, it doesn't mean they can teach other people. I know that I always learn more when I enjoy what I am doing because "IT'S FUN". Whenever I teach, I try to find a way to make people enjoy what they are doing.

Do you think the same as I do?
Do you want to have fun when learning?
Do you want to learn English or do you want your children to learn English?

If the answers to these three questions are yes then contact me via e-mail or call the number below.

Who am I?

I am an IT professional and I am a QUALIFIED T.E.F.L. ( T eaching E nglish as a F oreign L anguage) ENGLISH TEACHER.
I was born in Liverpool, England (the city of the "Beatles"). So English is my mother tongue.

While in Germany, I have worked for some of the larger financial institutions and international IT consultancies in Frankfurt and it's surrounding areas.

Several years ago, I qualified as a TEFL teacher and since then I have been teaching occassional, private students. I have found that this can be much more fun and much more personally rewarding than IT.

However, working within IT has not been all bad. It has given me the chance to work as a consultant throughout most of England as well as in Holland and Germany. So I have a great deal of experience in the business world.

This gives YOU an advantage if you learn English with me.

What can I offer you?

      Fun by learning, learning by doing.

As I am English and a qualified TEFL teacher, you will learn from someone who:

                  ..   has been speaking English all of his life.
                  ..   has specifically learned how to teach his mother tongue to people of other nationalities.
                  ..   likes to have fun and will try to ensure you have fun while you're learning.

Remember, if you are successful and enjoy your time learning, you will tell others and that will keep me in work. So I want you to be successful and I want you to enjoy learning English.
Contact me to find out more.

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Contact:     Neal